The food bites back!

Here is a 'making of' (it's great)...

The big idea

Humans tells the story of a zombie society infected by the oldest of enemies, Humans. Who are the goodies and baddies? How does a zombie society operate? Hunter or prey?

Humans is a story that starts in World War II Britain. It follows the rise of the zombie nation and watches an enemy, long since vanquished, return to give the zombies a taste of their own medicine. The Humans are not the good guys. How many zombie films treat the arrival of the zombies as an invasion? What is the world like when it is run by zombies? Our film is different... the zombies aren't bad.

Humans derives inspiration from two distinct styles. Two films carry some of the tone we are going to convey. Where Eagles Dare and Inglorious Bastards...

The story so far

We had a good idea for a feature. We made a trailer. It was a hit, was shown at festivals and won a couple of awards. After discussion, the next step was to ‘fund raise for a second short film’. So here we are. The script for the feature film has been completed and we now are looking to raise funds to make an 'origins' short film to kick it off, with the ultimate goal of going on to making the feature.

Since then, our team has gone on to make a number of other films including By the Winter Sea, Lancaster (using the actual flying Lancaster based in East Kirkby in Lincolnshire), a number of books trailers including those for author Giles Kristian as well as doing documentary work with Sir David Attenborough and additional voice-over work with Sir Ian McKellen.

We are in the middle of approaching traditional film financiers. We are very hopeful, as we have had a great deal of interest thus far as there is substantial market potential in this film.

What's next?

In February 2015, we will run a more substantial crowd funding campaign to raise approximately one half of the budget for feature film. Creative England will, we hope, will offer the other half.

The long-term plan is to shoot the full feature film in 2015.

During all of this, we will maintain a constant connection with the growing community that is following the Humans project. Some of our team will focus on our production and preproduction experience. Some will focus on wider news, within the zombie and horror community. Some will focus on publicising the activities of members of our community who have interesting projects they would like to see supported. The point is we are going to create a community that includes two-way conversation.

My team has, and will continue to, research the kind of organisations that might be interested in Humans. We will approach these organisations with the complete project (short film, script, business plan, crowdfunding campaign and perks). We will work with these organisations to see if we can help them as much as they can help us.

It is important to us that we build a community who get as much as they give by following us and referring us to other people.

Then we can build a community who will stay with us throughout the entire process. This expanding community will guide our project and allow us to stay connected with our audience.

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